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Case Analysis #3

Bulletin Board
Anatomy & Physiology

A 38-year-old man comes into the emergency department presenting with fatigue and abdominal swelling. For several months, he has noticed that his abdomen has been growing larger and that his skin has turned yellow. He denies any medical problems but admits to drinking alcohol every day. On examination, his skin clearly has a yellow hue indicative of icterus. His palms have some redness. His abdomen is markedly distended and tense, and a fluid wave is present. On the the surface of the abdomen there are prominent vascular markings. What is the most likely diagnosis? What organs are likely to be affected? What would you recommend for the patient?

Email your diagnosis, explanation and treatment plan to:
Your submission is due by 12/15/11 at 11:59 pm.

Helpful Links:

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Center for Disease Control

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