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Case Analysis Directions

Bulletin Board
Anatomy & Physiology

  • As part of our study of anatomy and physiology we are going to participate in several case studies. The object is to present you with a medical case and include some background information. You will be expected to do some research, make a diagnosis, determine a cause, and prescribe a treatment. In short, you get to play doctor.
  • The aim is to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, while using the internet to research solutions.
  • All case studies will be posted on this website along with due dates for submissions. I will also make announcements in class.
  • A proper submission will include a diagnosis, cause, and a treatment in the form of a paragraph. You must defend your course of action.
  • The paragraph can be in the form of a simple email or as a file attached to an email.
  • All submissions will be evaluated according to the Case Study Rubric. There is a link located at the A&P Page on my website.
  • All submissions must be sent to:


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