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A & P - Extra Credit Option #3
Bulletin Board
Anatomy & Physiology

As we progress through our study of human anatomy and physiology we don't have the time to learn about every body system. Unfortunately we don't address the endocrine or reproductive systems but here is you chance to rectify that problem. Your task is to prepare a Powerpoint slide show that fully explore one of these systems. Your slide show must be a minimum of 7 slides and should include the following information:
Major Structures -  What makes up the system and what does each organ do?
Function/Importance - What is the purpose of this system?
Hormones - What hormones function within the system and how do they work?
For the endocrine system you need to address the concept of biofeedback/homeostasis and for the reproductive system the process of giving birth.
Diseases - Identify and describe diseases associated with the system.
Works Cited - I want to know where you got your information from. Be sure to cite at least three sources using MLA format.
Be sure to include lots of pictures in your slide show! You also need to provide photo credits. To properly cite a photo you need to put the web address below it in your slide show. A hyperlink is helpful.
This project is worth 25 points and you need to send it attached to an email to rcscienceguy@live .com. Good luck!