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A & P - Extra Credit Option #2
Bulletin Board
Anatomy & Physiology

By now you have completed at least one case analysis assignment. If you haven't, you need to wait before you complete this extra credit opportunity. Your task for this extra credit assignment is to write your own case analysis. This is a tricky piece of writing. You need to provide the background of the patient, symptoms he/she is experiencing, and any other pertinent information that would help the reader develop a diagnosis and a treatment plan.  Be sure to include physical statistics like height, weight, and age of the patient too. You may also wish to include some misleading or extraneous information to make arriving at a diagnosis a bit more challenging. Remember make it tough but not impossible and be sure to use your best writing skills, which means edit the case analysis before sending it to me. I will see if I can figure it out. This assignement is worth 10 points (15 points if you stump me). Send your submission in the form of an email or a word document attachment to Good luck!