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A & P - Extra Credit Option #1
Bulletin Board
Anatomy & Physiology

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words



It seems Mr. Lawler had a problem. While employed at his construction job he managed to have a mishap with a nail gun but didn't know he put a 4 inch nail into his head. After six days of eating ice cream and taking Ibuprofen he decided to see a dentist. He thought the dentist was kidding when he desribed the x-ray image. I guess he didn't have insurance either.
Your assignment is simple. Find an image related to anatomy or physiology and send it to me. In a paragraph describe what is happening and explain why you think it's cool. The crazier the better. Remember to keep it within the boundaries of good taste. This extra credit assignment is worth 5 points and your submission can be in the form of an email or an attached word document sent to Good luck!