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Mr. Carlson's Biology Website

Zoology - Extra Credit Option #2
Bulletin Board
Anatomy & Physiology

If you look around the room, in my cabinets or completed a lab you know I use alot of specimens. I spend alot of time trying to procure items that help m teach biology. Actually, its kind of fun and it makes my feel like Indiana Jones! Anyways, for this extra credit selection you need to help me find a specimen that will help me teach. Let me explain. Many specimens I have purchased at garage sales or on ebay (like mounted fish or other animals), some I bought while on vacation (like sand dollars, corals and sponges) and some I collected on my own (like my cicada exoskeleton). We need to be careful here! Don't put yourself at risk, do anything illegal and don't spend more than 10 dollars, since I'll reimburse you up to this amount. If you catch an invertebrate, keep it alive until I see it, I may not need it. Also, no rotten road kill! If in doubt about a specimen you can always ask. A good example of a specimen is the sailfish on my wall, I purchased it for $5 at a garage sale. The last part you need to incude is the classification for the organism, starting with domain progressing down to genus and species. Wikipedia is a good place to go for help. This option is worth 15 points and you can bring it to me. Did I mention I need a planarian, maybe Mr. Smith could help you with that one.