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Zoology - Extra Credit Option #1
Bulletin Board
Anatomy & Physiology

Whale Shark



The Whale Shark is the largest known species of fish. They can reach lengths of 55 feet and can weigh 36.5 tons (81,0000 lbs). They inhabit both the atlantic and pacific oceans in tropical areas or warm temperate seas. They are actually filter feeders like whales and have no interest in humans. Swimming with them is popular among divers, the only risk is being hit by an enormous and powerful tail. These gentle giants are estimated to reach ages of 60 years and are considered a threatened species. I hope some day I have the chance to see one.
Your assignment is to find a picture of any animal and send it to me in an email or word document attached to an email along with a paragraph that describes it. The paragraph and picture above serves as an example. Send all submissions to This assignemnt is worth 10 Points.
Good luck!